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Corporate Investigations Bradford

Are you worried that the new employee you have chosen will not get the work completed as they cannot really do the work that you require? You might have utilized people earlier which simply were not capable of doing what they said they were capable of for money they wanted? This is a very common condition in the world today as everyone is fighting for the best jobs and will often lie to get it.

Our corporate investigation at Private Detective Bradford will allow you to find the right person for the job. Our private investigators detectives can easily examine CV's and also references to spot virtually any tiny lie. Our investigation will get to the bottom of every candidates true worth within the workplace.

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Bradford Corporate Investigations

Private Detective Bradford is one of the rare agencies that can cover such a wide variety of different cases. This is possibly because Private Detective Bradford gather several expert teams under one roof, each having members that are outstanding at what they do, highly respected in their line of work. Whatever their problems may be, ranging from marital infidelity, somebody owing them money, or they need a corporate investigation background check on someone they couldn't completely trust, our investigator are here to help, as they are highly skilled professional trainer to handle a wide spectrum of cases that may different from one another in terms of volume and nature. Over time, Private Detective Bradford have built up a reputation as one of the finest detective services in Bradford, and possibly in the entire UK. Our agency got a call from a potential client who wanted to arrange a meeting in our offices. We scheduled him for the next day. He came in and right away, presented his problem to our private detectives. He suddenly lost his business, and the loss coincided with one of his employees leaving the firm. Our client suspected foul play, and the former employee might have diverted the customers to some other company.

Corporate Investigations in Bradford

The investigators of Private Detective Bradford clued him on the procedure regarding this type of cases, if he were to hire us. Our private detectives concluded that it would be best to put the former employee under surveillance for a period of time, in order to find out if any useful information could be gathered from tracking his whereabouts. The client was content with what the detectives suggested. He asked about the costs and the condition of the investigation. Private Detective Bradford then presented the client with our terms and the cost of the entire operation. The client accepted our prices and condition and we signed the contract. After finding where the former employee of our client was currently working, our private investigator followed him during work hours, hoping to find something that would point them in the right direction. They also made a few phone calls, and found out that the former employee had recently been employed by the company he was currently working for, and that the company experienced a huge increase in profit. Our detectives connected the dots quickly and also found that most of our client's former clients transferred their business to that company, which provided similar services. After making sure they had all the necessary information, they concluded the case and arrange for one final meeting with our client.

The client came in the next day, and investigators at Private Detective Bradford presented him with the facts and documents they were able to gather on our client's former employee and his new company. Our client decided, after consulting with lawyer, to take his former employee to court and demand a financial settlement. The client was very pleased with thorough investigation and our professional services, and recommended us to other potential client in need detective services in Bradford.

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