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Fraudulence activities are carried out by criminals for their own gain usually to obtain cash, property or valuable possessions but will also use your identity to commit offences. They will carry out this offense by stealing your identity and using it to run up debts in many places including shopping on the internet for anything from a car to a lush holiday.

With Private Detective Bradford fraud investigations our own private investigators work tirelessly for individuals and corporations to analyze virtually any doubts regarding deceitful works or arts that may be committed. Our understanding Bradford detective's fraud investigation service will utilize solutions to make certain that virtually any illegal action is discovered as well as the people liable will be reported to the law enforcement officers.

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Bradford Fraud Investigations

Private Detective Bradford often gets calls from companies that might benefit from the services our agency can provide them with. Whatever problem a potential client might have, rest assured that our private investigators are up to the task of solving it successfully. A potential client called our office in order to arrange a meeting. He came into the office of Private Detective Bradford the next day. He was the president of a company that was doing well, but the thought that some of the company expenses could be reduced, as he suspected that one of his employees was falsifying the expense claims, by inflating mileage claims, entertaining friends and relatives at the company's expense

Fraud Investigations in Bradford

He wanted to consult with our private investigators and to find out what would be the best way of determining whether or not the employee was costing the company money. Private Detective Bradford assured the client that our investigators would be able to get to the bottom of his problem, and the best way of determining whether or not the employee was falsifying expense claims was to use a combination of different methods. The client was content with what Private Detective Bradford investigators had to suggest, but he also wanted to know about the costs of the investigation. The client was informed by Private Detective Bradford about the costs, as well his rights and obligations as a client. On our end, we presented him with the company policy, our terms and conditions. We signed a contract with the client, and Private Detective Bradford would get on the case immediately. The investigators of Private Detective Bradford decided to put the employee under surveillance in order to determine if he was using the company resources, and also had a look into the company bank account, to tell if it was used at the same the employee was being tracked. The investigators would then compare the change in the account balance with the activities of the employee while he was under surveillance to be sure he was using the company resources for his own gain, and to entertain his friends. After a few days, they had enough information to confirm that the client was indeed wasting money that the company trusted him with. Our investigators decided to conclude the case and the only thing left was for them to arrange one final meeting with our client, during which they would present him with the material they gathered

The client was able to come in on short notice to Private Detective Bradford office, where our detectives presented him with the information about his employee and the expenses he made. He wasn't pleased with that, and he would probably fire the employee, seeing as he warned him several times in the past, and the employee obviously ignored it. He was satisfied with our professional and swift service which would help him save money in the future and decided that he would hire us again, as he had some other things inside his company that might be problematic

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